What type of electric scooter should I buy?

I am going to go back to college in Nacogdoches, TX. I was wondering if there is an electric scooter for about 0.00-0.00 that goes about 15-20 mph and last for about 15-20 miles. i need something lightweight and easy to store in a dorm room. I will buy it online if needed, but I perfer to buy it in a store. Thanks in advance.

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  • Jena:

    how old r u??? aren’t electric scooters for old people?? oh well, umm…idk sorry….for how much u r spending….it doesn’t go fast enough….get a faster one!

  • Leonard C:

    Log on to Neo Scooters.com and check out the X-treme 560. I’m getting one next month after having researched all the electric scooters out there for the past 5 months. I think for the money this is the one. Good Luck on your studies. P.s. Shipping is free.

  • Brian:

    Shwinn electric scooters are very good. They are about $250. There top speed is 15 mph. It could probably last 10 miles at the most.

  • loyalt666:

    there all gays

  • monkeysocks2:

    You can get a good bike and pedal it 15 to 20 mph. Check out a police auction for great deals. (Thieves only target quality bikes.) After a few 15-20 mile trips, you’ll get even faster.

  • havenjohnny:

    I wouldnt consider one they are junk at best and are not allowed on most roads in texas

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