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Domino’s Pizza Safe Sound – Menselijk motorgeluid voor elektrische scooter

To improve road safety Domino’s Pizza the Netherlands introduces a human engine sound on their silent electrical scooters. Om de verkeersveiligheid van de stille elektrische scooters te verbeteren introduceert Domino’s Pizza Nederland een alternatief motorgeluid. http

ZiPee electric bike

The amazing zipee bike comes to Brighton. The advantages of being emission free, whilst getting the wind in your hair, and enjoying the ride. For more information go to

Mini Scooter Track & Bikes TK-5100

Os Brinquedos mais divertidos e mais desejados pelas crianças você encontra no Magazine Luiza! Confira!

Advantages and disadvantages of electric motor scooter

Visit – And Discover The Secrets To Building an ELECTRIC BIKE with The Performance of a Motorcycle and SAVE THOUSANDS on Increasing Fuel, Insurance, and Parking costs.Today you can learn how to build a 50MPH electric bike using parts available online so you can start to reduce your carbon footprint AND reduce your commuting stress levels by never having to sit in another traffic jam again.You can build the exact same bike at home using this easy to follow step by step manual, even if you have no previous experience. The ebook is a pdf file that can be downloaded in just a few minutes.Here is a list of just some of the benefits you get from building an electric bike yourself – Lowest cost electric vehicle -Because you need such a small battery pack compared to an electric car or motorcycle you can afford to buy the latest technology batteries which means they can last up to 10 years before they need replacing. – Never wait in traffic again – simply pass all the slow cars by riding on the shoulder or in the bike lane. – Ride at the same speed as a car – I will show you the secrets to increasing the power from a standard motor controller so you can ride at speeds over 50MPH and out accelerate most cars from a stop. – Choose how far you want to ride – I show you the simple calculations to determine what size battery pack you need to travel a specified distance. My bike has a range of 30 to 50 miles depending how fast I ride before it needs recharged

Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines electric mini bike cruise

Clocked at well over 30 mph at full throttle, this electric mini bike might be small in size, but has a HUGE attitude. Quiet, clean and runs for well over two hours fully charged. You can see more about Sparky and other bicycle choppers at . Builder’s Gallery, Support Forum, Fun Stuff, Media, Videos and more. See ya there! Music by Brad, Atomic Zombie

Mini Scooter E video

Mini Scooter E video

IZIP Via Lento Electric Bike 2010 model and are for sell 714-992-5591

Key features : Real Transportation at Speeds up to 15 mph/ 24 km and Range up to 15 – 20 Miles / 24 – 32 km/h with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent) Laid Back Position Allows Rider to Place Feet on Ground Easily while Seated 24V10Ah Sealed Lead Acid RMB Battery Pack is Quickly Removable from Rack to Allow Charging Anywhere. Easily Add an Optional Second Battery Pack to Double the Range Twist and Go (TAG) + Pedal Assist System (PAS) for Added Versatility Specifications : MOTOR: Exclusive Alloy Shell DC Brushless Geared Hub Motor BATTERY EV; Rated SLA Type, Rear Rack Mounted, 24V / 10Ah Pack, (2) 12V / 10Ah Valve Regulated, Rechargeable CHARGE SYSTEM UL: Listed Currie Smart Charger with LED Status Display CONTROLLER: Exclusive Currie Electro-Drive, 24 Volt Fully Potted with Power Gauge Function TOP SPEED: Up to 20 mph/ 32 km/h (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent) RANGE: Up to 15 – 20 Miles / 24 – 32 km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent). Easily Add an Optional Second Battery Pack to Double the Range DRIVE: Exclusive Currie Geared Hub Motor, Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur, SRAM Grip Shift, 7-Speed Drivetrain BRAKES: Alloy 26″ Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes WHEELS: Alloy 26 x 1.75″ Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes TIRES: Currie Comfort Tires 26 x 2.00″ , Slime Self-Sealing Flat Tire Prevention System HANDLEBAR / STEM : High-Rise Bar and Alloy Adjustable Angle Stem, Dual Density Grips FORKS

Should I buy an electric scooter? Why / why not?

I want to buy one of those GIO electric scooter bikes because they don’t need gas, a driver’s license, or registration. I want it to go to and from college, which takes me about an hour on the bus.

I don’t really know much about them, if anyone could help me out.

PS. They seem to be about 00, but there is one used on my town’s classifieds site for 0, it is a year old. Yay or nay on going for used?
I don’t give a $h!t if it’s wimpy or "gay," I’m not that into myself. I want it to be electric so that I don’t need a driver’s license.

Stupid question about off road bikes?

My friend is turning 18 and she is going to invest in a bike , she really like those mini scramblers but she and I have no clue when it comes to bikes. So if she was going to get an off road bike would it be road certified … if that makes sence or can you customize it to be road certified. Anyway any help would be great and if you do get them road certified can you point me in the direction to some?

Btw if I sound like i’m clueless , i really am. And I know some will say "tell her to get a scooter , or to not get one at all "

Are Walmart bikes alright?

I want to buy a bike but I don’t want to spend much money, I most likely wont be biking a lot. Probably 10 – 15 times a summer MAX!

When I looked at Bike only stores all the bikes costs around 1000 – 5000 $

Do you think that bike is good for my needs? ( PS I don’t want to spend over 300$ )

X-Treme XB-502 Electric Bike The X-Treme XB-502 is an electric bike that looks like a sleek, stylish electric moped. The XB-502 can be ridden like a regular bike, operate on one hundred percent electric power, or any combination of the two. The X-Treme XB-502 is loaded with nearly all of the same features you find on an electric moped at a fraction of the cost! Explore the standard feature list, it’s beyond impressive. The 500 watt motor gets you up to 20 mph for up to 25 miles on a single charge. It puts out plenty of power to take medium sized hills. Better yet, while you have to register and hold a driver’s license to operate a moped, the XB-502 is classified as an electric bicycle. The “electric bicycle” classification allows you to operate it without registration or a driver’s license in most states (please contact the DMV to check the laws in your area before purchase). The XB 502 electric bike is environmentally friendly, noise-free, and operates on pennies a day. Electric bikes offer commuters a great way to bypass high prices at the pump.

Will you help me determine if this is a good bike? (NO KIDS, EXPERIENCED ADULTS ONLY!)?

I have found a bike on eBay that i want to buy, and if you are someone with experience in pocket gas scooter bikes (did that make sense?), I would greatly appreciate your help.
(If the ad is expired, don’t tell me, there is 5 new listings a day for this bike, and i don’t expect them to slow down, this guy is a "powerseller.")

Scooter Mini Mega Sesh

we ride scooters on my mini mega ramp

GETT Cycle Folding Electric Bike

GETT Cycle Folding Electric Bike The GETT-Cycle is a folding electric bicycle featuring pedal assist with a solid aluminum frame that folds into a compact small package for convenient storage and transportation. Perfect for boaters, RVers, college students, city commuters, or anyone looking for a fun and easy way to get around. The high torque brush-less electric motor with 36 volt battery gets the GETT Cycle Folding Electric Bicycle to 15 mph in nearly 4 seconds, and up to 25 miles on a single charge. There is no license or registration required so it’s legal (check your local laws and codes) to use GETT Cycle Electric Bicycles on the roads and cycle ways. GETT Cycle Electric Bicycles offer point-to-point transportation for one person and cargo at speeds and costs that are fast becoming a very affordable alternate mode of transportation. For most of us, half of our errands and trips are less than 10 miles and within the range of most Electric Bicycles

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