Best type of scooter to buy, It need to be cheap and fast?

I am looking at buying a cheap scooter that is 49cc – 50cc. It needs to be cheap and must go at least 50mph. I have no idea what to buy!

What type of electric scooter should I buy?

I am going to go back to college in Nacogdoches, TX. I was wondering if there is an electric scooter for about 0.00-0.00 that goes about 15-20 mph and last for about 15-20 miles. i need something lightweight and easy to store in a dorm room. I will buy it online if needed, but I perfer to buy it in a store. Thanks in advance.

electric scooter/mini moped?

hey im 13.
+ yesterday at target i saw,for 0,an electric scooter,except it was a moped!
the box said it was for ages 12+.
i really want one for my birthday, and mum and dad are willing to buy it for me,
because my bike has almost had it.
um,i was wondering,
i live in rockingham,perth,wa,australia 😀
what are the rules for these minimopeds/electric scooters?
kk thanks

cheapest mini scooter?

Where can i find some cheap good quality moped scooters?

I need to find a nice sturdy scooter online. any good suggestions and personal thoughts?

buying Scooter?

i live in Vancouver BC, and i’m planning to buy i scooter.
can a 49cc or 125cc scooter go on a high way?
how about Yamaha Vino 125.
can it go to Richmond form Downtown or North Van??

i wanna buy a new scooter?

im in canada wich make do you juggest THATS a 49 cc scooter. ty in advance. PS: im looking 4 a nice looking one but also looking 4 performance.

Where are people buying the street legal moped/scooters I keep seeing around town?

I have seen several popping up lately all over The Woodlands. I would like to buy one for myself and son to use around town. Especially after my last gas fill up.(OUCH!!) I have found some great deals online but am a bit leery to buy something without physically seeing and test driving at that price.

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2015 BMW C-Evolution Electric Scooter – Walkaround and Body Cut – 2014 EICMA Milan

Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload every day , shor, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Our coverage is from Auto and Moto shows in North America and Europe.

Sacrifice Flyte 100 | Scooter Check + Mini Review

My friend Connor came to my house so i could help him assemble his scooter. then we decided to film a little check of it but Connor didn’t know what to do so i did it for him. enjoy :)

1000Watt & 800Watt Electric Scooter Wheelies

This Is A Video On My 1000Watt Electric Scooter Which Goes 32KM/H And My Friends One Is An 800Watt Elecric Scooter That Goes 30KM/H. PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS Video …

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